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More About Cost Shed

Thanks for visiting us! We thought we'd use this opportunity to tell you a little more about us, why we set up the Cost Shed website, the people involved and the information provided.

What is Cost Shed?

Quite simply, the website has been setup to provide homeowners with an information resource for all home improvement projects. We know how difficult it can be to budget for any projects or emergency works without at least having an estimate of the costs involved. As homeowners ourselves with connections to building and home improvement we recognised that there weren't many resources online that compiled a wealth of knowledge in one place. We also noticed that it was increasingly difficult to get average job costs online as the figures became out-of-date all too soon.

With that in mind, we set up the Cost Shed and set about researching and writing about as many home improvement projects as we could think of... covering all areas of the home such as electricals, roofing and gardening. The result is a collection of price guides that shoul dnot only provide you with a great deal of information, but a general idea of the costs involved to carry out the work either by hiring professionals or taking a DIY approach. We revisit each guide frequently to update the content and the prices if necessary so you know they are accurate.

In each cost guide you can expect to learn more about:

  • Job specifics: We go into the details of the project so yo ucan understand exactly what is involved when the time comes to undertake it.
  • Work durations: It's always useful to know how long your work is likely to take, so we've provided examples of typical durations where possible.
  • Average costs: Get a good idea of what your work is going to cost you with our average costs. Where possible we provide a number of example prices.
  • Factors affecting costs: There's likely to be a number of factors that can influence the price of a home improvement job so we've detailed as many as possible.
  • Ways to save: There are always opportunities to save money on any work, whether it's taking the DIY approach or comparing free quotes we can help save you money.

Who are we?

The Cost Shed website is actually run by me, Jon (nice to meet you). I've been working in the building and home improvement industry for over 8 years and have developed a passion for writing online alongside my home improvement work. Coupled with a web developer and a researcher/writer we've embarked on our journey to create a truly useful resource for those looking to learn and even save.

Launched in 2019 we've been steadily adding cost guides in a variety of categories from outdoor projects to double glazing and home security. Throughout our time online we've seen the number of visitors steadily increase, along with the contact requests and constructive comments. We truly welcome any feedback so if you'd like to get in touch with myself or the team with some constructive comments we would love to hear from you.

Our quote service

You may have noticed the quote buttons scattered around the Cost Shed website. Whereas the website was originally designed to just provide informative price guides, we received a number of comments and contact requests regarding who to hire, and what to look out for in local companies. As a result we teamed up with Quotatis who are leading provide of home improvement quotes for over 200 home categories.

By applying for some free quotes through the website you have direct access to the Quotatis network of fully-screened, approved and rated tradesmen and can get as many as 4 free no-obligation quotes direct from local companies. It really is the easiest way to save both time and money on all home improvement projects.