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average dry stone walling costs

Dry Stone Walling Costs

If you're looking for a boundary wall that is rustic, sturdy and has been proven effective for centuries then there are few...

average post and rail fencing costs

Post and Rail Fencing Costs

From fencing in livestock to marking boundaries a post and rail fence is a popular, attractive and functional choice of fence...

average patio repointing costs

Patio Repointing Costs

With such seasonal use UK patios are often neglected during the colder months. The inclement British weather can take it's...

average power flush costs

Power Flush Costs

Power flushing your system is a simple way to maximise the efficiency of your heating system. In this guide we'll discuss...

average EPDM rubber roofing costs

Rubber Roofing Costs

An affordable, durable and cost-effective option for all flat roofs, rubber roofing is used widely throughout the UK.

average bow window costs

Bow Window Costs

Not to be confused with bay windows, bow windows are a style of window that compliments every style of property whether...

average chimney cowl costs

Chimney Cowl Costs

Getting your chimney capped, or installing a cowl is a simple and cost-effective way to prevent numerous issues caused by both moisture...

average house underpinning costs

House Underpinning Costs

If you've noticed signs of subsidence, or have been advised by a surveyor to carry out underpinning then read our guide to saving on costs...

average drain relining costs

Drain Relining Costs

Having a drain relined is a convenient and cost-effective way to repair any damaged drains. Our guide will tell you all you need to know including...

average pebbledash removal costs

Pebbledash Removal Costs

No longer as fashionable as it used to be... pebbledash removal companies are transforming the appearance of properties across the UK. Read...

average cost to install parquet flooring

Laying Parquet Flooring

From oak and walnut to herringbone and chevron... learn everything you need to know about installing parquet flooring in your home including...

average tree removal costs

Tree Removal Costs & Free Quotes

Need a tree removed safely and efficiently? Our guide will show you average costs, hat causes the prices to change and how to get free quotes...

average hedge removal costs

Garden Hedge Removal Costs

If you've got a hedgerow you would like removed and don't know where to start, read our cost guide for further information, average...

compare staircase moving costs online

Moving a Staircase Costs & Quotes

Planning to move the staircases of your home or office? Well, this could improve the design of your interior by creating a more open...

average roof moss removal costs in the UK

Average Moss Removal Costs & Quotes

If your roof is covered in unsightly moss, our cleaning guide will provide you with further information, average prices and free quotes...

average outdoor socket installation costs in the UK

Outdoor Electrical Socket Installation

Looking to do more in your garden? Whether its for a lawnmower, exterior lighting or even a hot-tub our 2024 guide to exterior...

average tree stump removal costs

Tree Stump Removal Costs & Free Quotes

If you've got a troublesome tree stump in your garden that is difficult to remove... our free guide will help you understand the various...

average resin driveway costs

How Much Do Resin Driveways Cost?

Resin driveways have become hugely popular in the UK, and our 2024 guide will help you understand everything involved...

air conditioning costs for 2024

Air Conditioning Installation Costs and Quotes

Anyone looking to maintain stable temperatures in their home will definitely need to know what the costs of air conditioning are like...

window cleaning costs for 2024

Window Cleaning Costs & Quotes

Has dirt accumulated on your windows that it has started forming a thin layer of film on them? Are your windows not satisfactorily...

average tarmac driveway costs

How Much Does a Tarmac Driveway Cost?

Does your driveway need resurfacing? Laying tarmac not only improves the appearance of your driveway but also increases its lifespan...

suspended ceiling costs

Suspended Ceiling Costs

A suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling installed below the existing one. A metal grid is first fixed above the existing tiles in a hanging...

average woodworm treatment costs

Woodworm Treatment Costs

Read our updated guide to treating woodworm in your home or workplace for in-depth information and how to save on prices by comparing...

compare professional carpet cleaning costs online

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is not a costly maintenance practice and the price involved mainly depends on the level of cleaning work done...

average bed bug treatment costs

Bed Bugs Treatment Costs & Free Quotes

Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped, red-brown colored insects that live in confined spaces on furniture and beddings. Even if bed bugs are not...

average wasp nest removal costs

Average Wasp Nest Removal Costs

Only found in late summer, a mature wasp nest will house an entire colony of hundreds or even thousands of individual wasps. DIY wasp...

average zinc roofing costs

Average Zinc Roofing Costs & Quotes

A zinc roof offers the advantages of being highly versatile and extremely durable. This guide will explore these and other benefits of using Zinc roofing...

average electric shower installation costs in the UK

Electric Shower Installation Costs & Quotes

A new electric shower can be invigorating, and doesn't have to cost as much as you think. Our 2024 guide to electric shower installation...

compare block and beam flooring costs online

Block and Beam Flooring - Costs & Quotes

Our 2024 guide to block and beam flooring covers detailed information and free quotes for this popular flooring option in both homes...

average pat testing costs in the UK

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Costs & Quotes

Getting your electrical equipment safety checked is vital. Our 2021 guide to PAT Testing Costs will help you to understand what is involved...

blown window repair costs

Blown Window Repair Costs in 2024

If you're noticing condensation on the inside of your double or triple glazing then your glass unit is blown. Our guide to blown window...

wooden floorboard replacement quotes

Replacing Wooden Floorboards - Costs & Free Quotes

Does your home smell musty, but there are no signs of mold or mildew on the walls and the carpets? Your interior wooden floor may...

new radiator quotes

New Radiator Installation Costs for 2024

Radiators are an essential household item that most homeowners don’t give a second thought to, until such time as they malfunction...

free orangery quotes

Orangery Costs & Free Quotes

Ever wondered what the average cost of an Orangery was? Still not quite sure the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?

brickwork repointing costs

Brickwork Repointing Costs & Free Quotes

As you may know, bricks and mortar when combined create sturdy foundations for any building work. Pointing is...

guide to skip hire costs

How Much Does Skip Hire Cost?

A significant part of home or office upkeep involves waste management. It is sensible that you find an efficient way of...

block paving costs

The Cost of Block Paving

Since it first became popular in the eighties, block paving has been a staple of suburban neighbourhoods. While it...

artificial grass costs

How much does it Cost to Install Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is manufactured from plastic and the main advantage of having it installed is that it saves a lot of...

rsj installation costs

How much does it Cost to Install an RSJ?

An RSJ is a rolled steel joist, steel lintel, beam or girder, and while many types of these units are available...

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