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Bed Bugs Treatment Costs & Free Quotes

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Our UK guide to treating bed bugs in 2024 provides all the information you need, including average prices and free quotes from local pest controllers.

average bed bug treatment costs

Bed Bug Removal Costs

Professional bed bug treatment options typically consist of a number of visits over a month or two for complete eradication of the pest. Here are some average costs.

Treatment Average Price
Dry steaming £284.20
Chemical sprays £254.80
Heat treatment £519.40
High heat washing (DIY) £9.80
Bed Bug inspection £58.80

(Prices taken from multiple sources and averaged)

Prices Checked 19/04/2024

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Factors that affect bed bugs treatment cost

    The treatment method used

    The two broad categories of bed bug treatment methods are heat treatment and fumigation.

    • Heat treatment: This method is chemical-free and relies on heat (high temperatures) to kill bed bugs at different life stages.
    • Fumigation: This treatment approach relies on chemicals and is used to eliminate large complexes quickly. You should expect to spend more on fumigation than heat treatment The pest specialist you are working with should be able to advise you on the best treatment approach on inspecting the infestation you are dealing with.

    Level of infestation

    Even though bed bug treatment will kill most of the live bugs, it is hard to eliminate them entirely with one treatment. Depending on the infestation level, you should arrange with the pest specialist to know how many treatment rounds will eliminate the problem entirely.

    Size of the infested area

    The infested area can vary from a piece of furniture, an entire room, to even a whole house. The greater the infested area is, the more you will spend on the treatment.

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    Further Information

    Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped, red-brown colored insects that live in confined spaces on furniture and beddings. Even if bed bugs are not known to cause any serious health conditions, their bite can be painful and itching.

    Bed bugs love to live in cluttered areas such as in clothing, bags and fabrics. Getting bed bugs is therefore very easy, especially if you are used to traveling. You can also get bed bugs through old furniture you bring in your home. Unless you have the proper treatment, eliminating bed bugs is not the most straightforward thing.

    If you visit infested areas and facilities during your travels, these notorious bugs can attach to your clothing and backpacks and you may carry them home.

    When an infestation occurs, DIY removal methods are not effective and you’ll need to hire a professional with all the knowledge and tools to treat and eliminate the bugs from your home.

    free bed bug removal quotes online

    Signs of a bed bugs infestation

    To know the extent of the problem you are dealing with, look out for these signs:

    • Faecal deposits - Bed bugs faecal deposits are tiny black spots on items such as mattress seams, bedding, bed frames, baseboards, headboards and other hot spots.
    • Odours - If there is a heavy infestation in your home, you cannot fail to notice as there is an unpleasant smell they give off. Bed bugs are also known to produce a hormonal scent that dogs easily recognise.
    • Live bugs - If you closely inspect hot spots such as mattress seams, furniture crevices, baseboards gaps and cracks, etc., you will see these tiny creatures when there is an infestation. Bed bugs are generally reddish-brown with an oval-shaped body. Our trained pest specialists clearly understand what bed bugs look like and their most common habits.
    • In case you are still in doubt, you can arrange for an inspection which will cost you around £58.80.
    • Skin traces - Bed bugs shed skin as they grow from the nymph stage to the adult stage. If you notice small shed skin in your space, then you may be dealing with an infestation and most probably an old one.
    • Blood spots - If accidentally bed bugs are crushed, they may leave blood spots on your bed accessories. The same can happen if the area they bite you bleeds.

    Bed bugs treatment methods explained

    Professional bed bugs treatment can be done in 3 main approaches- heat treatment, dry steaming and chemical sprays. Let’s explore each of these methods to know what each entails.

    Treatment Average Price Overview
    Heat treatment £519.40 Bed bugs are easily killed by high temperatures, a reason why this method is highly effective. During treatment, hot air is used to raise the room's temperature until the bed bugs are killed. The heat treatment can be in the form of a hot box where affected items are placed and heated to extremely high temperatures that kill the bugs. Despite its high cost, heat treatment is preferred as it is chemical-free and non-toxic.
    Dry steaming £284.20 Dry steaming, just like heat treatment, relies on high temperatures to kill the bed bugs but this time using super-heated dry steam. The use of steamers is the best approach to treat large common area infestation or delicate furnishing in your home. Again, if you want to avoid the chemicals treatment route, this is also a viable natural bug treatment strategy to use.
    Chemical sprays £254.80 This is the most affordable professional bed bug treatment method and the one you’ll probably use if you handle this task as a DIY. A specialty chemical solution is sprayed on bed bugs hotspots, including mattress joins and seams. Since the chemical's effect is short-term, you can use the treated mattress and bed the same evening. This method is, however, not suitable for a home with pets such as dogs or fish.
    High heat washing £9.80 This is the method you can use as a homeowner to eliminate bugs from your home. Washing and drying your beddings at high temperatures frequently can also eliminate any beg bug that is trying to thrive. Note that this alone is not enough to kill all the bed bugs in your home and should only be done to supplement the professional treatment strategies above or as a preventative practice.

    How to prevent bed bugs infestation

    Here are some bed bugs preventative measures that you can practice to ensure that bed bugs do not find their way into your home:

    • Always keep your home clean, free from debris and clutter to reduce bed bug’s hiding places.
    • Inspect regularly areas that you think bed bugs would like to hide and breed in your home.
    • When in hotels and other people’s houses, always inspect the sleeping space and accessories you are given.
    • Use protective covers on your beddings.
    • Vacuum your house regularly.
    • Inspect thoroughly any second-hand furniture that gets to your home.
    • Avoid piling up dirty clothes but instead wash and dry them under high temperature.
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