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Average Roof Cleaning Costs & Quotes

Last Updated on December 21, 2019 By Jon

One of the quickest ways to improve the appearance of your home is to have its roof professionally cleaned. This will not only help remove any dirt, lichen, moss and mould that have accumulated on its surface over time; it will enable your roof to look as good as new once again.

Below is some handy information regarding the cost of having your home’s roof cleaned, how long it will take and how to ensure that the job gets done properly.

What the Process Involves

Contractors can use different methods to ensure that your roof gets a thorough cleaning, including:

  • Manually working with scrapers and brushes to remove dirt and other debris that has accumulated on your roof
  • Using a high-pressure power washer. Although this is usually the quicker option, it can cause a lot of mess when the water sprays around. In some cases, it can cause damage to roof tiles as well – so it may not always be an suitable option

Regardless of the option used, preparation work will be required ahead of time. This includes organising free access to all parts of your roof and ensuring that any items that could be damaged during cleaning are covered or packed away safely.

After your roof has been cleaned, the contractor may provide you with the option of having a chemical sprayed on to it that prevents moss from growing back. In some cases, other forms of sealants and/or coatings may be offered if your contractor deems them to be a more suitable option for your roof.

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Why Clean your Roof?

In cases where there is a severe accumulation of dirt, moss and mould that has accumulated on your roof, it can cause damage over time. Some types of roof tiles could deteriorate if they are not cleaned every few years as well. However, the main benefit of having your roof cleaned is that it will give your home a fabulous facelift at an extremely affordable price.

Obtaining Quotes for Roof Cleaning

If you’re keen to have your roof professionally cleaned, it’s essential to obtain more than one quote beforehand. It’s easier than you think to obtain quotes from several contractors when completing our website contact form.

The more quotes you’re provided with, the more likely it will be that you receive one that you can afford. In most cases, it’s recommended to obtain a minimum of three quotes before having your roof cleaned.

How Much Roof Cleaning will Cost

The final price for having your roof professionally cleaned will depend on several factors, with one of the most important ones being the location of your home. Higher prices will normally be quoted for properties in and around central London than in outlying areas or suburbs.

  • A single tradesperson can quote between £350 and £550 for this service in central London, and as low as £280 to £320 in outlying areas like the Midlands and the South
  • Further North, you can expect quotes from a one-person business to be as low as £250 and £320

Slightly larger businesses tend to quote prices that are a little higher. For instance:

  • Quotes received from medium-sized companies can range between the £450 and £650 mark in central London
  • In the Midlands and Southern areas, pricing can drop to between £380 and about £550
  • Further North, quotes to have a roof cleaned can drop to as low as £320 to £350

Larger roof cleaning companies will often charge higher rates to cover their overhead expenses. As a result, pricing quoted by them can average as follows:

  • Anywhere between £750 and £900 for homes situated in central London
  • In the Midlands and Southern areas, pricing can drop to between £500 and £700
  • Further North, you can expect to pay between £400 and £580

Other aspects that can affect the cost of your quote include:

  • How easy it is to access all sections of your roof
  • The size of your home’s roof
  • The amount of dirt and moss that has accumulated over time
  • The general condition of your roof
  • Type of roofing material being cleaned
  • Whether scraping or power washing will be used to get your roof clean

The amount of time required to get your roof clean depends on factors such as:

  • The area size of your roof
  • How much dirt, lichen and moss has accumulated on it
  • How difficult it will be to access all sections of your roof

It’s essential for the companies to inspect your property before they will be able to provide you with an accurate quote. Companies that provide pricing over the phone may initially under quote and provide you with an invoice for a much higher amount on completion of the job.

Can Roof Cleaning be a DIY Project?

Most homeowners don’t feel comfortable working at a height, meaning that they may not be able to get the job done as well as a professional could. As a result, it is not usually recommended that property owners attempt roof cleaning on their own.

It’s also quite risky working on a roof, as the slightest error in judgement can result in serious injuries occurring. Companies who specialise in roof cleaning have hired professionals who are comfortable with working at a height and as such; they know which precautions need to be taken to remain safe.

Avoiding Dodgy Tradespeople

When searching for roof cleaning quotes, it’s essential to ensure that you only obtain these from accredited tradespeople or companies. As many as 25% of homeowners have stated that they have been scammed by tradespeople over the years, so it’s important to do your research before accepting a quote. This will prevent you from hiring a tradesperson or company that over quotes, does a poor job or takes upfront payment and doesn’t do the work.

Below are some pointers to keep in mind when searching for roof cleaning quotes:

  1. Always be wary of quotes that are coming in at prices that are substantially lower than others that you’ve received. This could indicate that a lack of experience in performing roof cleaning or even that a shoddy job will be done
  2. Ask friends, family and even co-workers who have had this work performed recently for referrals. In most cases, they will be only too pleased to give you the details of the contractor who did the work
  3. Search for online reviews before accepting any quote. In most cases, this will provide you with an idea of the type of service a specific company provides. If no reviews can be found for a specific service provider, you’ll most likely be better off using an alternative
  4. Make use of a reliable quotes website. We ensure that only accredited service providers will get in touch with you after you’ve filled in our contact form. This will give you peace of mind in knowing that you will get a good job done by a suitably qualified and accredited tradesperson or company at a fair price

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind will help ensure that a professional arrives at your door to give your roof a thorough cleaning. The best part is that you will be contacted within a day or two at the most after completing our contact form, so you won’t have to wait any longer than necessary to get your roof looking as good as new again.