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How Much Will Triple Glazing Cost?

Last Updated on December 04, 2019 By Jon

Continually increasing costs of energy such as heating oil, gas and electricity have resulted in more homeowners than ever before searching for ways to improve energy usage wherever possible. Not only will this save on energy costs in the long term; it will also help reduce the demand for fossil fuel consumption over time.

A home that has older double glazed windows is able to lose as much as 20% of generated heat, which can be costly in terms of energy expenses.

Air gaps between each of the glass sheets in a set of double pane windows will all eventually fail as they get older, and the most common symptom indicating that this has occurred is when you start seeing moisture and condensation forming between each of the layers of glass.

When your double glazed windows start becoming damp between the panes, the only solution is to have them replaced. Although you can simply have new double glazed units installed, you could also opt for triple glazed windows instead.

Comparing Double Glazing to Triple Glazing

Although not many UK homes have had triple glazing installed as yet, the demand for this type of window is growing slowly because more and more homeowners are realising how beneficial it can be with regards to improving overall insulation.

Although double and triple glazing both work on the same principle, triple glazed windows contain three sheets of glass with a layer of insulating gas between each. Double glazed panes only contain two glass layers. This means that triple glazing will normally be a better option than double glazed windows because it can help reduce energy bills even further over time that standard double glazing.

Homeowners who decide to install triple glazed windows must take into account that many suppliers provide them with UPVC frames. While these may require less maintenance over time, they are not able to provide any more insulation than double glazed windows. As a result, homeowners who want to reduce their energy bills must insist on having timber frames installed with these windows. This will provide maximum insulation over time.

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How much do Triple Glazed Windows Cost?

Many homeowners don’t realise that it is essential for an installer to inspect a property thoroughly before they will be able to provide an accurate quote to have any triple glazed windows installed. Other factors that determine the cost of your installation will include your location in the UK, size of the windows needed, amount of windows being installed and the type of frames being used on them.

Timber and aluminium window frames will be costlier than UPVC, but as mentioned previously, they will provide better levels of insulations.

In most cases, the cost of a triple glazed window will be approximately 30% to 40% more than that of one which is double glazed. For example, if you’ve been quoted £300 for a double glazed window, you can expect to pay anywhere between £400 and £500 if you opt for triple glazing.

Here are a few cost estimates to have triple glazed windows installed in residential properties of different sizes:

  • Standard detached home consisting of 12 triple glazed windows – approximately £5,500 to £6,500
  • Semi-detached two bedroom home – between £3,000 and £4,500
  • Two-bedroomed terrace home with five windows – approximately £2,200 to £2,500
  • Two-bedroomed flat – between £1,800 and £2,100

Although the cost of installing triple glazing will increase with the amount of windows that are needed, the overall cost of each window reduces when the amount of windows being installed increases. This means that you could qualify for a fair discount if you’re able to have all of your home’s windows replaced at the same time.

Pros and Cons of Triple Glazing

After finding out the approximate cost of having triple glazing installed throughout a property, homeowners often want to know what the pros and cons are.


  1. Triple glazing reduces the amount of heat that is lost through your home’s windows, thus helping to reduce heating bills and improve overall energy efficiency.
  2. Your home stays warmer during those chilly and icy winter months.
  3. Less outside noise is able to enter your home because of the additional pane of glass.
  4. Your home’s overall security is improved because it is far more difficult to break triple glazed windows than double glazed panes.
  5. You could save up to £175 per year on your energy bills


  1. Triple glazed windows are costlier than double glazed panes
  2. The amount of natural light that is able to enter your home is reduced a little because of the additional pane of glass.

Although triple glazing has the ability to reduce your energy bills over time, it will not be as effective at doing this if you haven’t taken other measures to reduce energy consumption as well. For instance, they won’t help much if heat is escaping through the walls of your home. As such, it’s recommended that you have an energy audit performed so that you can determine where the most energy is being lost in your home.

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