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How Much Does it Cost to Install a TV Aerial?

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Our 2024 guide to TV aerial installation contains all the information and prices (updated weekly) you need to make an informed decision. We can even help you save money.

tv aerial installation costs

Average TV Aerial Installation Costs

So how much will a new TV aerial cost to have installed? Here are some average prices:

Installation Type Price
Full Roof (including wiring) £147.00
Partial Roof (use existing wiring) £98.00
Full Loft (including wiring) £68.60
Partial Loft (use existing wiring) £29.40
Aerial Type Average Price
Yagi £41.65
Log periodic £34.30
High gain aerial £31.85
Grouped £29.89
Indoor £24.50
Loft £31.36

(Prices taken from multiple sources and averaged)

Prices Checked 16/06/2024

TV Aerial Cost Calculator

Aerial Cost: £
Installation Cost: £
Total Cost: £

(Live prices updated weekly)

Factors affecting TV aerial installation costs

  • Aerial Type: As can be seen in our cost calculator above, different aerial type and quality will affect the price. Your chosen installer can recommend the best type for your needs and budget.
  • Signal Strength: If you live in a poor reception area then it may influence your choice of aerial and whether signal boosters are needed.
  • Amplification Your signal strength will be measured prior to any works commencing, so you will know if your reception needs to be amplified.
  • New Cables: If your existing cabling isn't good enough quality, or indeed you need brand new cabling run for a new installation it will affect the price.
  • TV points: If you're running cabling to multiple rooms then this will increase the price. Youwill need signal splitters and possibly even boosters.
  • Pole: If you need an extended pole to mount your aerial (to a chimney or roof) then this will be an additional cost. Length also affects the overall cost.
  • Access: It's far easier (and therefore cheaper) to install an indoor aerial in a loft than it is to externally mount one on a chimney stack.

Further Information

A popular service that is required by many homeowners is that of having a TV aerial installed. Below is a little information regarding the approximate costs of having one installed.

Three different parts are required when having a TV aerial installed, including:

  • The actual aerial
  • The bracket for securing the pole on to the wall
  • The pole that the aerial mounts on to

Some other aspects to keep in mind when calculating the cost of this project are:

  • The amount of connection points that are needed throughout your home
  • Whether any type of signal booster is needed
  • Longer poles for areas situated at the bottom of hilly and bad signal areas
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Average Pricing for Installing an Aerial

  • Purchasing only the aerial can cost between £80 and £120
  • Buying an aerial, bracket and standard length pole can average about £145
  • Purchasing the aerial, bracket, pole and 20 metres of new cabling can be approximately £220
  • Installing a satellite dish in place of the aerial can add around £30 on to the above pricing
  • If a longer than average pole is needed, expect to pay about £50 extra
  • In cases where additional connection points are needed with up to 20 metres of cabling, these can cost an additional £60 to £70 each
  • If you need a stand-off bracket because of a roof with a wide overhang, it may cost you between £45 and £110 extra

Additional Costs

In some cases, additional items may be needed to ensure that your aerial is installed correctly, including:

  1. Scaffolding or even a cherry picker may sometimes be needed to install a TV aerial if your home is higher than average
  2. Signal boosters – some properties require these units to be placed throughout, which will add on to your original quote. Higher quality units will obviously be a little costlier as well
aerial types for roofs and lofts

Are Loft Aerials Recommended?

The change to digital TV signal has been beneficial in a few ways, with the first being that signal strength from transmitters has improved substantially. This means that indoor loft aerials are now more likely to obtain better signal than they would have done in previous years.

If any of these scenarios apply to your property, a loft aerial may be a suitable option:

  1. You cannot install an aerial outside due to not having permission from your landlord
  2. You aren’t keen on the appearance of an aerial on the outside of your home
  3. The only outdoor location suitable for an aerial is not safe to access, or it would be too costly to pay for installation

One of the best ways to find an accredited and experienced installer is to complete our website contact form. You will be contacted by a few installers within a day or so at the most, and they will set up an appointment to view your property and provide you with an accurate quote for having an aerial installed.

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